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First Year Representative and Students at Large Needed!

*The deadline to apply for the First Year Rep Position is September 28th.

The First Year Rep executive position is still unfilled within the STMSU. If you are at all interested in student government this is great opportunity.

Students at Large are also still needed if you would still like to get involved but do not want to run in an election.

For the specific requirements and duties of these positions please refer to the constitution here: (it is very short and the relevant information is located in Article 11 section G. and Article 12)

Elections News

MSC By-election

By-election information

Please download and complete the above form to participate in this by-election. When completed email the form to

*Applicants will be notified of the exact dates for the election by email shortly

Members of Students’ Council

Members of Students’ Council (MSC) are usually elected in March to represent their constituency and are expected to abide by the USSU Code of Ethics. Since only one Councillor has been elected the vacancy must be filled prior to October 31st through by-election

Councillors consult with their constituents and collaborate with fellow councillors to act as an advocate for students. The term of councillors begins on May 1 and ends on the following April 30.

Meetings This Year are being held remotely over Zoom.

For more information, please read the USSU Bylaw and visit

The University Students’ Council shall be responsible to:

  • pass an annual budget for the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union.
  • establish standing committees, boards, other committees and commissions from time to time that it considers advisable to make recommendations to the University Students’ Council.
  • establish policies and direction for the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union in areas affecting student affairs and to give direction to the Executive Committee with respect to same.
  • promote, in cooperation with the Executive, the general welfare of undergraduate students at the University of Saskatchewan.
  • report back, on a regular basis, to the constituency group from which they were elected.
  • have final authority over the interpretation of the USSU Bylaw.


  • Due to distanced learning and the current ongoing health concerns meetings this year will be conducted through Zoom until further notice. Council Meetings are generally every Thursday at 6:00 pm with the exception of May, June, July, and August.

Elections News

Election Results

Congratulations to all of our incoming 2020-21 executive members of STMSU Council. The new Executive members take office on May 1st.


Tay Spock

Vice-president Academic

Terryn Bateman

Vice-president Operations and Finance

Abbi Cross

Vice-president Communications

Alicja Rutkowski

Director of Events

Emily Roberts

Member of Student Council

Ryan O’Connell

Elections News

STMSU Elections

STMSU Elections have started! Send in your application before March 9, 2pm. You can find applications outside the STMSU office.
Voting will be on March 13th, from 8AM-3PM. Good luck to all the candidates!