1. Be it heretofore known that on March 15, 1994, the students of St. Thomas More College (hereafter referred to as STM) have freely joined in a union known as the St. Thomas More Students’ Union (hereafter referred to as STMSU), which replaces the St. Thomas More Students’ Association (STMSA). The STMSU will consist of an elected Executive Committee, Students-at-Large, and the STM Student Body.
  1. And that they expect this union to provide an atmosphere in which all students will be welcome. This atmosphere should promote friendly relations and foster a spirit of mutual understanding among students of different disciplines, beliefs, or history. Let this atmosphere also provide, through political, academic and other activities, the opportunity for members of the STMSU to develop community, including faith community, which will enhance their human potential and thereby contribute to the good of STM and of society as a whole. And, through this atmosphere, let members of the STMSU feel empowered to become leaders in their diverse communities, and develop a community-oriented spirit which can be spread throughout STM, the campus, and society as a whole. Let this spirit also be carried over into the other facets of STM such as recreational, religious, cultural, and social activities. Finally, given the diverse and ecumenical nature of its membership, STMSU shall exist for the benefit of its entire student membership regardless of religious, ethnic, or social orientation. Given this, the STMSU shall not be considered a Catholic student organization or Catholic student movement. The STM Students’ Union will, however, recognize the importance of its function by recognizing the need for legitimate representation and by embracing the Catholic principles of justice, equality, and the dignity of the individual.
  1. And that they have surrendered to these democratic organs such of their rightful powers as are needed to achieve their object, not withstanding other contracts. And that they desire that their affairs in STM should be regulated according to this document, which is the Constitution.



  1. The name of this organization shall be the St. Thomas More Students’ Union.



  1. Members of the STMSU must be enrolled in the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Arts and Sciences through STM.

Article 4


  1. General
    1. The fiscal year of the STMSU shall be May 1st—April 30th
    2. Any disbursements of funds are subject to Executive Committee approval
    3. Each term the Vice President Operations and Finance will draft a budget to be voted on by the Executive within 30 days of the term. A two-thirds vote of the Executive is required for the budget to be viable
    4. Any proposed amendments to the budget must be made to the Vice President Operations and Finance and then be approved a majority vote of the Executive
  2. Signing authority
    1. Only members of the STMSU executive shall have signing authority
    2. Exactly two members of the executive must have signing authority: the President and the Vice President Operations and Finance. Two signatures are required on all cheques.
    3. In the event that either the position of President or Vice President Operations and Finance is vacant, the STMSU executive will appoint an interim replacement to take on their responsibilities as signing authority
  3. Transparency
    1. The Vice President Operations and Finance shall prepare a financial statement for distribution to the membership at the annual general meeting
    2. Financial records will be open to any member of the STMSU
  4. Reimbursement
    1. STMSU members who use an automobile for STMSU business may apply for reimbursement to the Vice President Operations and Finance
    2. Proof of purchase must be brought forth within three consecutive executive committee meetings from the time of purchase to receive reimbursement
  5. Surplus
    1. Any surplus resulting from yearly operations will be transferred to reserve for future use and no part of the surplus shall be payable to any member



All members of the STMSU:

  1. Have the right to attend all meetings of the STMSU Executive Committee if they abide by the ruling of the Chairperson.
  2. Have the right to address these meetings and introduce motions, if the Chairperson rules their motion admissible.  Only STMSU Executive Committee members can vote at STMSU Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Have the right to run for Executive Committee positions, and
  4. Apply for Student-At-Large positions; Provided the member meets the qualifications that apply to the position sought. The member running for or applying for a position on the STMSU must be in agreement with the Aims and Objectives as outlined in Article 1B. Disagreement with the stated Aims and Objectives can be used as grounds for both denial of a position or dismissal of any appointed or elected member.
  1. Have the right to vote in all referenda, general elections, or by-elections held by the STMSU.
  2. Have the right to speak at any general meetings of the union.
  3. Have the right to submit proposed amendments for the constitution prior to the STMSU Annual General Meeting.



  1. The Executive Committee shall hold all legislative power of the Union.
  2. The Executive Committee shall hold all judicial power to interpret the Constitution and bylaws.
  3. Each Executive member shall hold executive power over the responsibilities of and in accordance with their respective office; but shall be responsible to the Executive Committee.



The affairs of the STMSU shall be governed by an elected Executive Committee, which shall be composed of:

  1. President
  2. Vice President Academic
  3. Vice President Communications
  4. Vice President Operations & Finance
  5. Director of Events
  6. Members of Student Council (2)
  7. Member of University Council
  8. First Year Representative

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ARTICLE 8


  1. Act in the best interests of the STMSU in dealing with the regulatory bodies and committees whose decisions may directly or indirectly affect the academic, social, or faith life of the members of the STMSU.
  2. Have the power to create and dismiss STMSU committees.
  3. Be held responsible for the control of monies.
  4. Collectively determine all other policies of the Union, beyond those listed in this document.
  5. Support all activities sponsored by STM students insofar as it is possible and feasible to do so.
  6. Have the power to move censure of individual members or demand their resignation according to the dismissal procedure where such action is warranted (Article 10).
  7. Have the power to create new Executive Committee positions of STMSU to serve the needs of the student body on consent of the STMSU.
  8. Respect the opinions and views of all STMSU members.
  9. Assist all STMSU Executive Committee and Student-At-Large members in the cooperative planning and execution of STMSU-approved activities.
  10. Appoint Student-At-Large members to their applied positions.
  11. Time shall be made for executive committee meetings.
  12. Ensure that the constitution is followed by all STMSU members.
  13. Empower the President and members of the executive committee to temporarily exercise legislative power when the Executive Committee is unable to meet.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ARTICLE 9


  1. Read and understand the Constitution and bylaws of the STMSU.
  2. Have term of office from May 1st to April 30th of the following year.
  3. Act as representatives of the STMSU while in term of office.
  4. Be the voice of STM students in matters of political, academic and social interest.
  5. Submit written reports at scheduled meetings of STMSU.
  6. Submit final reviews of his/her position, along with recommendations for the incoming member, by May 1st following their term in office.
  7. Be entitled to one vote per member at Executive Committee meetings; proxy votes are not allowed.
  8. Be responsible to attend all meetings of the STMSU or send regrets if unable to do so. Attendance at meetings will be optional during the months of Intersession and Summer Session.
  9. Provide leadership to the STM Student Body and act as ambassadors of the STMSU and STM.

Article 10


  1. Censure
    1. Any member of the Executive Committee is subject to a motion of censure, provided that the member is present at the time of the motion
    2. A two-thirds majority of the STMSU Executive Committee is necessary for a motion of censure
  2. In-Camera
    1. The Executive reserves the right to go in-camera, where no record of discussions is kept, to discuss matters it wishes to remain confidential
    2. Because the Executive is a public student forum, in-camera sessions will be used only when the Executive feels it important to do so

Article 11

Executive Specific Duties

  1. President
  2. Be responsible for the implementations of all STMSU Executive Committee decisions
  3. Set the agenda for each meeting of the Executive Committee
  4. Chair all Executive Committee Meetings and call irregular meetings upon petition by one or more Executive member(s)
  5. Be the external spokesperson for the STMSU, when appropriate
  6. Provide or delegate STMSU representation for STM Corporation, Faculty Council, Student Leadership Committee and Association of College Presidents, subject to Executive Committee approval.
  7. Develop the long-term goals of the STMSU and ensure its longevity
  8. Manage affairs of the STMSU that require an extensive knowledge of STMSU activities
  9. Work with the Vice Presidents to establish yearly objectives and policies
  10. Have the power to sign cheques alongside the Vice President Operations and Finance
  11. Vice President Operations and Finance
  12. In the event that the position of STMSU President becomes vacant, the Vice President Operations and Finance will assume the position until a new STMSU President is elected or appointed
  13. Keep an accurate account of all income and expenditures through proper accounting procedures
  14. Submit a tentative calendar of STMSU events to the Executive within the first month of each term
  15. Outline and distribute budget summaries in the months of December and March
  16. Keep and file all bills obtained during the year
  17. Set financial policies of the STMSU when not otherwise regulated
  18. Have accurate knowledge of the financial situation of the STMSU at all times
  19. Monitor budgeted spending, in association with the other Vice Presidents
  20. Have the power to sign cheques alongside the President
  21. Vice President Academic
  22. Encourage students in the academic disciplines of STM
  23. Develop the interest of the STM Faculty in student activities and create positive relations between students and faculty
  24. Monitor issues of interest to faculty and communicate student interests in these matters when necessary
  25. Represent STMSU on STM Corporation, Faculty Council, and Teaching Committee
  26. Organize and promote any STMSU lecture, such as the John Thompson Lecture Series, with assistance/input from the Executive
  27. Vice President Communications
  28. Be responsible for positive promotion of the STMSU
  29. Access and create ways of promoting the STMSU, especially for the purposes of recruitment and visibility
  30. Establish and manage relations with all other STM student groups
  31. Respond to requests made by STM student groups and presents them to the Executive
  32. Advance the interests of the STMSU by forging relationships with external groups, especially the Canadian Catholic Students’ Association (CCSA)
  33. Take minutes at Executive meetings
  34. Responsible for making bookings on behalf of the club for general and Executive meeting space, social events, etc.
  35. Responsible for STMSU’s social media presence; makes posts, replies to messages, and creates events on behalf of the STMSU
  36. Contacts media outlets (The Sheaf, The Star Phoenix, etc.) when applicable
  37. Director of Events
  38. Be responsible for positive promotion of the STMSU events
  39. Submit a tentative calendar of social events within September to the Executive Committee.
  40. Coordinate all STMSU Council and Union Events.
  41. Arrange recruitment activities, including events at orientation and welcome week
  1. Members of Student Council
  2. Represent the STMSU on the University Students Council
  3. Report to the STMSU on matters pertaining to USC/USSU governance
  4. Work to improve inter-college relations in formal and informal ways
  5. Actively seek the opinions of STMSU members about USC activities concerning USSU policy and action
  6. Inform the Elections Committee of the USSU election schedule
  7. Is automatic member of Student Leadership Committee
  8. First Year Representative
  9. Represent the interests of all first-year members of the STMSU
  10. Actively seek to involve first-year students in STMSU activities, events, and service
  11. Must be a first-year student



  1. Act in the best interests of the STMSU in dealing with the regulatory bodies and committees whose decisions may directly or indirectly affect the academic, social, or faith life of the members of the STMSU.
  2. Support all activities sponsored by STM students insofar as it is possible and feasible to do so.
  3. Attend STMSU Executive Committee meetings, if desired, though attendance is highly recommended.
  4. Submit written reports at scheduled meetings of STMSU when necessary.
  5. Respect the opinions and views of all STMSU members.
  6. Provide leadership to the STM Student Body and act as ambassadors of the STMSU and STM.
  7. Assist all STMSU Executive Committee and Student-At-Large members in the cooperative planning and execution of STMSU-approved activities.

Article 13

STMSU Committees

  1. Formation
    1. Any Executive may form a committee to perform tasks delegated by the Executive Committee
    2. Two-thirds of the Executive Committee must approve any STMSU-endorsed committees prior to formation
    3. STMSU committees may be composed of Executives, Students-at-Large, members of other STM student groups, STM and University of Saskatchewan students
    4. Examples of possible STMSU committees include: Communications Committee, Academic Committee, Operations Committee, Budget Committee, STMSU Awards Committee, Review Committee, and Bylaw Committee
  2. Governance
    1. STMSU committees will be led by an appropriate Executive (i.e. VP Communications may lead a Communications Committee)
    2. In the event that a committee experiences internal conflict that inhibits its ability to function, it may be dissolved by the Executive leading it, or by a majority vote of the Executive



  1. Timing of Elections
  1. There shall be an election in each year between the 1st of March and the 1st of April for all positions on the Executive Committee.
  2. Eligibility for Office
    1. All STMSU members, as defined by Article 3, shall have the right to be eligible to be elected for all positions on the Executive Committee.
  3. Eligibility for Voting
    1. Any STMSU members, as defined in Article 3, may cast a vote for candidates nominated for Executive Committee.
  4. General
    1. The Executive Committee may pass a bylaw that governs the administration of elections, election voting procedures, and rules respecting by-elections and terms of office for elected members.
  5. Members of Student Council
    1. The members of the STMSU elected by and for the members of STMSU in elections or by-elections held by the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU) are the STMSU’s Members of Student Council.

Article 15

Elections Committee

  1. Formation and Purpose
    1. Will be comprised primarily of outgoing members if possible
    2. Conducts all annual elections, bi elections, and referenda of the STMSU
    3. Has the power to make final decisions on electoral procedure
  2. Responsibilities
    1. Prepare a ballot for the STMSU Executive Committee elections listing the candidates for each position in alphabetical order
    2. Ensures a copy of the campaign policy is posted the day that nominations open, and ensure the policy is being followed during the election period
    3. Ensures voting times align with USSU elections when possible
    4. Investigates all complaints of election irregularity
  3. Governance
    1. Chaired by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO)
    2. The CRO informs candidates of election results as soon as the initial count is completed, and posts all election results within 24 hours of the initial counting
    3. The CRO submits a report regarding ballot count and results of the election to the Executive

Article 16

Campaign Procedures for All Executive Committee Elections

  1. Eligibility
    1. Only STM declared students may run for STMSU Executive positions
    2. Any person seeking the position of STMSU President must submit a signed nomination form with 10 signatures from STM students
    3. Any person seeking another Executive position must submit a signed nomination form with 5 signatures from STM students
  2. Campaigning
    1. Each Candidate can put up a maximum of 10 posters. Posters will not exceed the size of 11” by 17” and are only allowed to be put up in STM
    2. Candidates are permitted to put up campaign posters at 00:00 hrs the day after nominations close. Candidates are responsible for the removal of campaign posters by 00:00 hrs the first day of voting
    3. No candidate shall interfere with another candidate’s campaign in any way
    4. The campaign period shall be no less than 7 days
    5. At least one forum must be held prior to voting to allow each candidate to address the STMSU. Notice of the forum must be given to all candidates at least one-week in advance. The forum may be held during regular the regular Executive Committee meeting time
    6. Members of the Elections Committee cannot be involved in the campaign of a candidate seeking office


DISMISSAL and Vacancy

  1. Resignations
    1. Letters of resignations must be written and signed by the resigning party
    2. Letters of resignation will be read at the following Executive Committee meeting
  2. Impeachment
    1. Members of the Executive who fail to act in good conscience and to work diligently for the betterment of STM may be impeached by a two-thirds majority vote of the executive members
    2. Three unacceptable absences from Executive Committee meetings satisfy the condition for automatic impeachment
    3. What constitutes an acceptable reason for an absence is at the executive’s discretion
  3. Vacancies
    1. In the event that an elected position is vacant, an Elections Committee may be employed to act, depending on the circumstance
    2. An interim replacement for any position may be appointed by a majority vote of the Executives until a by-election can take place
    3. Any elected position vacant before October 1st will be filled by a by-election
    4. Any position vacant after a by election will be appointed by the Executive Committee



  1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the academic year for all members of the STMSU.
  2. Fifteen days notice must be given for meeting.
  3. Special general meetings maybe held at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  4. General meetings shall be open to all STMSU members, alumni, faculty, and staff



  1. Any student of STM can demand a referendum on any topic by presenting a petition signed by at least 5% of the STMSU members.
  2. As well, any student may demand the resignation of any STMSU Executive Committee member by presenting a petition signed by at least 10% of the members of the STMSU.
  3. In case of a petition demanding a resignation, at least one of the members demanding the resignation must be prepared to run for the position in question.



  1. This constitution may only be amended by a vote of at least two-thirds of the membership of the STMSU in favour of the amendment present at the Annual General Meeting.
  2. Amendments must be submitted to the Chairperson one week prior to the scheduled general meeting.
  3. Chair shall publish and post the proposed changes at least five days prior before the general meeting.



  1. Subject to this constitution, the STMSU Executive Committee shall have the power to pass, amend, or repeal any bylaws providing for the operation and better functioning of the STMSU.
  2. Any bylaw passed by the Executive Committee shall be subject to approval and ratification by the membership at the next Annual general meeting.



  1. Upon dissolution of the STMSU, all assets of the union shall be placed into an STM restricted funds account controlled by STM, entitled STMSU. This will remain in effect until such time as funds and assets can be passed onto a democratic organization of student representatives of all undergraduate students of STM. This body’s main responsibility shall be the governing of student affairs at STM, as soon as such an organization comes into existence.